Libyan War in Chicago!

Since the late 21st century technological advancements have made every corner of the world more accessible to an average citizen, we are becoming more and more of a global society. Every war and every dispute or news from anywhere around the world affects us like never before. I have personally been following the Libyan war since the first protests and while I felt quite informed about it, I found the following CNN article fascinating: Top Ten Myths about the Libyan war

For someone sitting here safely in Chicago and just spectating the war, It is amazing how many of those myths I deemed to be true prior to reading the article. And while it seems that the war may be coming to a halt soon and it should call for another celebration for taking down a vicious dictator, I’m not sure if that actually benefits the United States in any way.

But since my motives are democratic and I do believe that the Libyan war was long overdue, I am going to go out with my friends to the bars in Chicago tonight and celebrate. And I would do the same if I were you, since it is not every day that another dictator like Ghadafi is being charged with crimes against humanity. For those of you who are stuck in the suburbs and think that it would be too much trouble to get to the downtown area and come back tipsy, I would suggest getting a limo from one of the best Limo Service Chicago companies, Elite Chicago limo.

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Who Said that a Chicago Limousine Company Can’t Blog?

Blogging is an excellent tool for any company to get their ideas and products out to the consumer. As such, Elite Chicago Limo is taking a step towards becoming a viral-first limousine provider that directly speaks to its customer. It is no surprise then that we are joining blog directories to start our long and hopefully successful campaign.

Just a bit about our limousine service. We are a company that truly cares about the experience when our customers get inside one of our vehicles. When you live in such a magnificent city as Chicago, style is extremely important and that is our primary focus. We put the customer first, all we hope in return is to receive feedback. So if you’ve tried Elite Limo Service Chicago , give us a shout online, whether it’s through Google or Yelp reviews, or even by commenting on this blog, and tell us what we can do to better serve you!
Limo Service Chicago

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